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OneTouch Digital Measuring Scope

OneTouch is a FOV digital measuring scope. It has a motorized, computer control, programmable Z stage. The software has pattern matching function to detect the part locartion and orientation.

Large view digital metrology station for small part quick measurement

  •   40 mm x 30 mm FOV
  •   2048 x 1536 image resolution
  •   Push button to start measurement
  •   Auto part matching for alignment and skew
  •   Master part image comparison
  •   Comparator type direct crosshair measurement
  •   All in one, small footprint

High magnification and motorized Z axis with auto-focus. Precision Z height measurement.

  •   3M color digital camera
  •   0.0002 mm encoder resolution on Z
  •   6.5X detent zoom plus 10X objective
  •   Dell small form computer and Windows 7 OS
  •   All in one, small footprint

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